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EASY Cabbage Rolls (Sarmale, Golubtsi, Gołąbki) - Recept za Sarmu

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

These delicious sour cabbage rolls are stuffed with beef and rice and pair amazingly well with sour cream or even plain yogurt. Also known as "sarma" in Bosnian, they are basically a national dish in many European countries and go by various names: sarmale, prakas, kaldolmar, sarma, golabki, holubtsi, dolma, etc.

You can make them with fresh cabbage (make sure you boil it first for about 15 min) or with sour/fermented cabbage which we prefer in the Slavic region. They are great for making ahead of time and freezing!

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◾️1 large head of cabbage (sour or fresh/boiled) or 2 small heads

◾️~2 lb or less or ground beef

◾️1.5 cups short-grain rice

◾️1 medium onion, diced

◾️2 garlic cloves, minced

◾️1.5 tsp salt

◾️1 tsp pepper

◾️1 tbsp paprika

◾️1/4 cup olive oil

◾️1/2 cup warm water

Cook on low for 2.5-3 hours

For thickening:

◾️1 tbsp flour

◾️1 tsp paprika

◾️1/4 cup cold water

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