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Last Minute EASY DIY Halloween Rice Krispies Treats

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you all have a blast making these pumpkin and monster eyeball shaped rice krispies. These were so much fun to make and what made them even more fun, was doing a photo-shoot at the same time with my friend Dauron. Check him out on Instagram: @thepausebutton Thanks for the awesome pics, Dauron!

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Recipe: (combine everything into one if you do not want to make two batches of rice krispies)

4 tbsp unsalted butter

5 oz marshmallows

½ tsp vanilla

3 cups rice krispies cereal

Gel food coloring of your choice

Repeat again for 2nd batch and have fun with these!

Watch the recipe on YouTube!!

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1 Comment

Sara's Bites
Sara's Bites
Oct 31, 2019

This recipe is delicious!!! I will definitely recommend to others!!

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