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Pregnancy, Post Partum and Lactation Bars (EASY RECIPE!)

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

These Medjool date energy bars were such a life saver during my pregnancy because I badly needed a pick me up every morning and afternoon. Especially when I was approaching week 40! I never knew how many nutrients/benefits dates were packed with until I got pregnant with Owen and went down a rabbit hole of research.

I started experimenting with adding them in smoothies (yum!) and mixing in other beneficial ingredients as well. I’ll make a tiny list below on why dates are so good for you during and after pregnancy but please do your own research as well and ask other mamas that have tried them. Also, make sure to not skip the flax seed and oatmeal, both help promote lactation and are amazing for you! Good luck to you and your little one/s 😊

Benefits of eating dates during pregnancy:

-They contain tons of folate which is very important for a developing baby

-Help to soften cervix (my OB actually asked me if I was eating dates because of this, ha!)

-Some research points to a shorter labor

-Curbs your sweet tooth, especially if you have gestational diabetes

-Helps go potty! Lots of fiber in them

Benefits of eating dates post-partum:

-Once again, helps you poop! We all know potty time after delivering a baby is not fun so I ate 2 of these bars with my first meal after Owen was born.

-They contain lots of iron (helps with blood loss/replenishment after delivery)

-Plenty other nutrients to support healing process after vaginal birth or c-section (calcium, potassium, manganese)

Mix your dates in with some healthy nuts, flax seed and oatmeal for a perfect snack!

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◾️12 pitted organic Medjool dates

◾️3/4 pecans, raw or toasted

◾️1/2 cup old fashioned oats

◾️1 tbsp flax seed, ground

◾️1/2 tsp pure vanilla

◾️1/4 tsp salt

Bake at 375 for 20 min

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